Journal Special Issue

Studies in Theatre and Performance (2020) ‘Artist Development: Class, Diversity and Exclusion’ vol.40 Issue 3
Guest Editors: Liz Tomlin, Joslin McKinney, Jessica Bowles, Paul Geary


Introduction to special issue: artist development: class, diversity and exclusion
Joslin McKinney and Liz Tomlin

Foreword: Class and the problem of inequality in theatre
Dave O’Brien

SECTION ONE: Structures of Class and Feeling

Why we still need to talk about class
Liz Tomlin

Feeling working class: affective class identification and its implications for overcoming inequality
Katie Beswick

From the producer’s perspective: Kayza Rose
Jessica Bowles

The production of taste: ecologies, intersections, implications
Paul Geary

An act of transgression: performing arts as a subject choice within a coastal area of deprivation
Aly Colman and Geoffrey Colman

SECTION TWO: Structures of Artist Development

Labours of social inclusion: amateur, professional, community theatres
Helen Nicholson

From the producer’s perspective: Yamin Choudury
Jessica Bowles

Becoming civic centred – A case study of the University of Greenwich’s Bathway Theatre based in Woolwich
Tatiana Ellis, David Hockham, Erica Rolle and Pamela Zigomo

From the producer’s perspective: Paul Warwick
Jessica Bowles

Acta community theatre’s ‘cycle of engagement’ and foundation worker programme: creating pathways into cultural participation and work
Kerrie Schaefer, Aqeel Abdulla, Neil Beddow, Jody Cook, Hiba Elhindi, Ingrid Jones, Tracey Harvey, Kathryn Hopkins, Rosalie Pordes, Sara Snook and Helen Tomlin

Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries: case studies from a decade of supporting the next generation of artists from lower socio-economic backgrounds
Kate Danielson and Lilli Geissendorfer